Meetings for Children and Young People

All the main weekly meetings for the Sunday School and older children have as the main part of their time a lesson from the Bible following a four year curriculum written by our Pastor. The lessons are evangelistic so that as well as the children being taught the great moral principles of the Bible they also learn how they may seek and find the Lord for themselves.

During the school holidays (half terms, Easter, Summer, Christmas) and Bank Holidays there are no meetings. Parents are welcome to bring their child along to the appropriate group, though contact details and information of a guardian will have to be provided first.

All of the meetings have at least three adult members of the church present and involved, and all activities and adults involved comply with the Child Protection Policy of the church and are overseen by the Pastor.

15:00 – Sunday School
This is a traditional Sunday School for those who are 5-8 years of age. The hour is structured and includes singing and Bible reading, a quiz or an activity sheet. Occasionally, on a Saturday (usually once a term) games or an outing is also arranged for the children.

19:00 – Nine 2 Eleven

This group for older children of 9-11 years of age is less formal as it is not held on Sundays. The includes a period for games, as well as competitions and quizzes. Outings and additional games sessions are arranged each term, whenever possible.