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Our church magazine is The Contender. Around the year 1990 the church decided to produce a magazine that would be evangelistic in emphasis with the intention of using it as part of our evangelistic visitation programme in the area, as well as for members to use personally as a tool in personal witness. It was decided to call it The Contender from Jude verse 3. The first edition (shown on the right) had 16 pages and was prepared on an old Acorn Archimedes computer, with a whopping 4 mb of RAM! Pictures were scanned in using a 4 inch handheld scanner and then a few hundred were printed out using a Canon LB4 laser printer. As duplex printing still lay in the future the various pages had to be manually turned and fed through. Fortunately, technology has moved on and we now have computers with RAM measured in Gigabytes and printing companies can print the whole thing out from pdf files sent to them by email.

Please feel free to download a copy and read it for yourself, and even pass the pdf file on to others who you feel would benefit from it. We ask you maintain its form and not to reproduce it for yourselves as the articles are copyright.

Click the image to download a copy. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file.

What is a “Spiritual” Person?

The Contender What is a Spiritual Person

What is a “Spiritual” Person?
Why do Christians call Jesus Christ the Son of God?
Facing the Reality of Getting Old
The “Big Society”: When the conscience cares, but humanism hinders

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Why are there so many religions?

Why Are There So Many Religions?
From Edmonton to Christ
One in a Billion
Inch Allah
Going From The Depression, into the Joy
Trying it All, but Empty Inside