Christmas Services

Services are as usual on the 23rd. Christmas Day service at 10:30, and then the next services will be the following Sunday, 30th as usual. No service on Thursday 27th December.

Thursdays in September

As is our usual practice at this holiday time of year there will be no Bible studies. The whole time will be given over to prayer, with a special focus on the evangelistic outreach taking place every Sunday.

Sunday’s in August & September

As we have done for a number of years now, our 17:00 hrs. teaching services will be shorter and devotional during the summer months in order to allow the church to engage in evangelistic outreach from about 17:30 outside and around the Chapel.

Mid week services in July

As there will be more internal building work taking place in the Chapel during the weeks of the 9th and 16th there will be no mid week services or activities during those two weeks. Sunday’s are unaffected with the gospel and teaching services taking place as usual on the 8th and 15th and 22nd.

Monday 14th-Saturday 19th May

The Chapel is having some major work carried out through this week so there will be no services, ministries, or activities taking place during this period. Sunday services, including Sunday school, are unaffected.