Thursdays in August and September

As it is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation we will be viewing a series of videos over the course of 10 Thursday evenings in place of our usual Bible study. Each one is approximately 25 minutes in length. This will be followed by our prayer meeting.

Upcoming Sunday teaching services (5pm)

As we did last year, during the summer there will be no 5pm teaching service. On those Sundays the church will be engaging in neighbourhood evangelistic outreach from the chapel. This will begin with Sunday July 31st and continue through the months of August and September. The morning gospel service is not affected by this special outreach. 

Upcoming services on Thursdays

The 21st July will be our last Bible Study service until October 6th. This is due to: 1. Our yearly outreach week the following week, and 2. Every Thursday during August and September will be given over entirely to prayer.