Services after lockdown

Although there has been a relaxation of rules as they relate to church services, our normal public worship services are unable to resume just yet due to the government’s remaining recommendations. We will post here when things return to normal for us as a church.

Modern technology no substitute

While we as a church are thankful for the technology that allows us members to have regular Sunday and midweek services, we long for the time when we can once again gather together in the chapel. The online services cannot replace, or ever be a substitute for the gathered church. Not only are we physically apart, but the present situation means that our outreach and visitation ministries are not continuing for they cannot be conducted through technology. Even so, this is all of the Lord for His good purposes. It also causes us to reflect on the Lord’s goodness and kindness to this country as we have long enjoyed such freedoms, while helping us all the more to pray for our fellow believers who due to persecution and/or censorship continue to endure way beyond anything we at this present time experience.

Sunday Services

Due to the present health issues caused by the Coronavirus all services and meetings at the chapel have been suspended. Although our church members are able to view and listen to online services and teaching, these are a provision for them alone so that the church can still meet and worship to some extent from afar during this time.

Sundays in August & September 2019

As we have done for many years now, our 17:00 hrs teaching service will be shorter and devotional during the summer months in order to allow the church to engage in evangelistic outreach from about 17:30 outside and around the chapel. This will begin with Sunday 28th July. The morning gospel service is unaffected.